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My name is Sarah Vaughter. I am a medical research journalist.

Novartis used to market an anti-flea product for dogs and cats that was absolutely perfect. It was called Program VET and its uniques advantage was that it was completely non-toxic to the animal. Not so long ago, Novartis' patent on Lufenuron expired and the substance entered the "public domain" which was good because Novartis decided to stop selling it, since they charged a very high price and generic Lufenuron was much cheaper. Vaughter Wellness is the world's only vendor of guaranteed pure Lufenuron, tested pharmacologically pure by Exova Inc. according to EU veterinarian pharmaceutical standards, which are identical to human standards in the EU.


Lufenuron has been a common oral flea treatment for pets for many years. The substance is unique in that there are no reported side effects. All reports of adverse effects in dogs and cats were of the additive Milbemycin Oxime, that we do not have in our product. Cats need significantly higher dosages than dogs so the instructions on our product label are not in error. Cats simply eliminate or metabolize Lufenuron faster. One monthly dose is sufficient to keep animals flea-free, provided that any adult fleas are removed first because only nymfs are affected in their development.

We sell 9 grams of Lufenuron for $27 with free worldwide shipping. We currently can't ship to Europe and Hawaii.

We pay much more than our competitors for our Lufenuron because we buy veterinary grade instead of pesticide-grade. We use a select, trusted lab to produce extra-pure batches for us, where the residues are harmless ashes. Test results by major US pharmaceutical compliance lab Exova.



What if the FLEAS PERSIST?

It is important to realize that Lufenuron is non-toxic to fleas so it can't kill them. Lufenuron works by preventing "baby fleas" to grow and become blood-sucking pests. It does that by preventing Chitin synthesis. Chitin is the hard shell around the fleas' body. Adult fleas present on a dog or cat can not be eliminated with Lufenuron, only their eggs will never hatch. So remember to check the animal for fleas and remove them in a flea bath first. Then, when monthly doses of Lufenuron are administered, no reinfection should occur. If that still happens, increase the dose by 50% (dosing goes in mg/kg).


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We sell 9 grams of Lufenuron on for $27, including shipping. The product has to be mixed into wet food according to the instructions on the label. In case of dry food, add a spoon of oil. 9000 mg is sufficient for 900 dog kgs/month so if you have 20 large dogs that weigh 45 kg each, this course is enough for one month for all dogs. If you have a single dog that weighs 20 kg, 9 grams are sufficient for 900 / 20 = 45 months. You should mix it into wet food and divide it into 45 roughly equal portions, individually packed in a plastic bag and frozen. This will then last you nearly four years.

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